Q Plus Youth Application
Use this application to apply to the Youth Advisory Board (ages 14--18) and/or to the Youth Team (ages 16--18). Your application answers will only be seen by Q Plus staff. We will send you an email with follow-up questions and next steps, so be sure your email is accurate!
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What name do you go by? *
What pronouns do you use? *
What year are you graduating high school? 
What email can we reach you at? (school emails often block outside addresses so use a personal one if you can!) *
If you have any leadership or volunteer experience (in school or out), tell us a little about it!
What Q Plus programs or activities have you been a part of? (Examples: open mics, youth groups, GSA support) *
Why are you interested in working with Q Plus? *
Are you applying for the Advisory Board, the Youth Team, or both? *
Consider your general schedule for the Fall & Spring 2023-2024 Semesters (September '23 -- June '24). What days and times will you be available for a two-hour Zoom meeting? Check off any times that you will usually be available for. 
Note: the Advisory Board currently meets on Monday evenings, but that may change based on everyone's availability! 
2 pm -- 4 pm
3 pm -- 5 pm
4 pm -- 6 pm
5 pm -- 7 pm
6 pm -- 8 pm
7 pm -- 9 pm
Demographics Section
Your answers to the following questions are optional and do NOT impact your acceptance. These questions are to help us get to know you and help us understand what groups and areas we're reaching. 
What identities do you hold that are important to you? This can (but doesn't have to) include gender and orientation, race and ethnicity, ability, religion, culture, etc. 
What social justice issue(s) or movement(s) are you most interested in or concerned about? 
What town do you live in? 
What school do you attend, if any? 
What grade are you in, if any? 
Does your school have a GSA? If so, are you a member? 
If you have any concerns about joining the Advisory Board or Youth Team, tell us here and we can email you to follow up! 
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