Distaff spinning experiment
A spinning experiment wherein we attempt to determine the production rate achievable using distaff spinning.

What you need to do is spin for as long as you have time for (not counting breaks, fibre prep, etc. and making it focused spinning rather than working around chores or similar). Then, measure how many metres of yarn you've produced. The longer you can spin for, the more accurate the count will be, so if you can spin for a full hour or more please do.
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What is your name?
How long have you been spinning for? (If you spin with a wheel/drop spindle/distaff, give details for each.)
What type of distaff did you use?
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What type of spinning method did you use?
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What type of fibre did you use? (Give as much detail as possible, e.g. naming sheep breed.)
How was your fibre prepared? (Commercial vs. hand, combed vs. carded, etc.)
How much yarn did you spin? (Answer in metres and centimetres.)
How much time did you spend spinning? (To the nearest minute.)
What is the WPI (wraps per inch) of the yarn you made?
What was the weight of your whorl? (Answer in grams.)
What was the weight of your spindle stick? (Answer in grams.)
What type of spinning did you use?
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Describe the yarn you produced (e.g. is it hard, lofty, etc.).
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