Counselor In Training Application
Please read below BEFORE completing this application.

We select energetic, smiling and friendly people who are excited about providing exceptional customer service. You must be willing to do a variety of tasks everyday including emptying trash and cleaning up. Most importantly, you must be eager to learn and grow as a counselor and as a person. Please read the list of responsibilities below. Complete the application only if you are capable and committed to fulfilling the duties listed.

1. Counselors in Training must be committed to learning new skills, practicing those skills and interacting appropriately with children. Those who do not display this commitment will be asked to leave the program.
2. Counselors in Training are required to display an at-work attitude and maturity level. This includes showing up on time and wearing the required uniform. Cell phones and text message devices are not permitted during the activity day.
3. Counselors in Training will be required to interact athletically, run, play and be incredibly silly with camp participants. They will be required to be on their feet and interacting with the kids 6-8 hours a day.
4. Counselors in Training are role models to campers. They must demonstrate on a daily basis how to cooperate and get along with others, use manners, follow directions and absolutely no swearing, fighting or abusive language towards ANYONE (even if you think you are just playing)!
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