2018 Summer Camp Staff Application Process
Please start the 2018 Staff Hiring Process by completely filling out this form.
Secondly, you will receive a call for an interview via phone.
Third, there will be a tryout weekend on March 10-12, 2018 you must attend at least the main portion of
Finally, we send out letters offering you the chance to attend the work weekend on April 7-9, 2018 to meet your fellow staff members and begin working on the summer plans. There will be homework in this packet that must be returned at the work weekend or at the latest May 1, 2018. Failure to return paperwork is grounds to have your position given to someone else.
Weeks this year will include:
Cub Staff Week May 29-31st
Cub Scout Splashtastic Summer Event Arrival is the 31st at 5-7PM and runs through Sunday June 3rd.
Boy Scout Staff Week happens with Arrival Monday June 4th and then release Friday June 8th if possible.
BSA Week 1 June 10-16
BSA Week 2 June 17-23
BSA Week 3 June 24 - 30
Close out of BSA and Staff Celebration
June 30 - July 1, 2018
We will recess for the July 4th Week and have other programs running if possible after that are optional or limited staffing.
Email address
I understand that not being to attend the majority of the weekends or weeks may affect my ability to be hired.
What Dates if Any May Be a Problem? (If none, please write "none")
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