2017 Request Form ~ Ag in the Classroom Presentations


*The deadline for requests is January 11, 2017. (Late requests will be accepted; however it may be more difficult to identify a volunteer to visit your classroom.)

*To provide the best possible experience for your students, we prefer not to combine classrooms.
*We will begin matching volunteers with classrooms in mid-January. Once a volunteer has been matched with your classroom, he or she will receive a copy of the following information and contact you directly for scheduling.

*Because of the number of requests (typically over 150), it may take some time for a volunteer to be matched with your classroom. If you have not heard from a volunteer by February 10, please contact Rhodora at rcollins@dekalbfarmbureau.org.

*Presentations are designed to be interactive and hands-on in nature. Our volunteers would appreciate your participation and assistance during their visit.

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Please provide teachers' first and last names. Multiple teachers from the same grade in the same building may complete one request form.
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If multiple classrooms, list class sizes in same order as teachers are listed above.
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Occasionally, volunteer e-mails are blocked by district mail servers. Providing a phone number gives volunteers another way to reach you.
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Please check ALL acceptable dates for your presentation *
Select best dates from the list below. *No school/early release in some districts
Preferred time(s) for presentation *
Please give specific timeframes that work on the dates you selected above. Remember to allow enough time for a thorough presentation (see lesson lengths above). If presentations will be conducted in multiple classrooms, make sure to allow time for the volunteer to gather materials and move to the next class.
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Scheduling comments
Please share any additional information which will help us schedule a visit to your classroom. 2nd grade teachers, please inform us if any of your students have lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.
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