Book Collaboration Application
Hi, I'm Melissa Desveaux. Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a co-author in our new book project!

This application is for influencers who are ready to write a chapter in a new book.

​Would love to be part of a book collaboration along with 14 other authors?
​Have Always Dreamed About Self-Publishing a book of your own?
Want to increase your authority and credibility as an author or in your life?
Want to leave a legacy for your family & friends?
​Determined to make an impact in the world using your story?

Then, becoming a Co-Author in the "Letters of Love" Book Collection may be just for you!

Letters of Love will be a collection of personal letters written by 10-15 authors who want to leave a message to the ones they love.

You can write a letter to yourself, your parent, children, partner, pet or someone you look up to.
The letters will be positive, inspiring, impactful, empowering and even humorous and fun!

And most importantly, these letters will be remembered.

This book will be around hope, gratitude and inspiration.

If you feel this project is just what you're looking for, and want to proceed, I'd just like to get a little more information from you to ensure you're are a good fit for the project and so we can work well together.

Please complete the application carefully because there are only 10 spots available and I will be having a chat with everyone who does apply.

I look forward to meeting you.

Melissa Desveaux
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This book will be a collection of love letters written by the authors. The themes will include Gratitude, hope & inspiration. What theme would you choose? *
The theme of the book is to create positivity, be inspiring, empowering, and impactful. I also encourage humour and fun. What would your letter be about? *
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Have you written & self-published a book before? *
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What’s the #1 roadblock that stands in the way of the goals you mentioned? *
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What challenges have you had at any stage of your writing journey if any? *
what questions do you have about being part of this project? *
If you were seeking assistance to publish and market your book, what assistance would you like to get? *
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If you'd like to get to know me better, please send me a message on Facebook
Thank you so much for your time and interest and I'll be in touch soon!
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