Affirmation Letters for Saint Bridget Confirmation Candidates on Retreat 2018
Affirmation Letters - a powerful surprise for each teen - DUE FEB 2ND

Each student will be given letters of affirmation from loved ones on the retreat. It's a really cool experience and a great way to express love and encouragement for your teen on their journey towards Confirmation.

- Who should write letters: Parents, Family Members, Confirmation Sponsors, Coaches, God Parents, etc.

- We are seeking at least 2 letters per teen.

- Letters submitted through this form will be printed, placed in an envelope and delivered to the teen.

Thank you for writing!

Please contact me (Dan Harms, Youth Minister) with any questions: or (804)525-7901
Cheers and God Bless.

Example of an Affirmation Letter
Dear Teddy,
I hope you're having a great time on your retreat and I hope your enjoying this weekend away. I know your youth minister is awesome, so if nothing else, you have that going for you this weekend. Know that I am praying for you and I love you very much and I hope you get to spend time connecting with God on this retreat. I remember my Confirmation retreat, it was awesome (or horrible). I hope you have a similar (or dissimilar) experience. It has been great watching you grow up and I love the following things about you: your awesomeness, your character, your hygiene has improved dramatically over the years. I am proud of you. In this sentence I will encourage you in your relationship with God and pursuing your faith. I love you, God Bless
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