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CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING: The Closing Company, Inc., which includes all its officers, directors, employees and attorneys) is not providing a title opinion or legal advice. You, including your successors and assigns (hereinafter “Client”) will not receive a title insurance binder, title commitment or title policy for your requested title search. No title assurances or insurance are being provided on the subject property, nor does The Closing Company, Inc. give any warranties on said title search. The Closing Company, Inc. does not guarantee marketability or insurability of title on the property in any way. Client hereby waives any and all claims against The Closing Company, Inc. and agrees to indemnify and holds harmless The Closing Company, Inc. against all claims for damages, actions at law and/or in equity, and all other claims and demands that may result from errors, omissions, and/or scrivener’s mistakes in the title search, including any errors and omissions resulting from the negligence of The Closing Company and its officers, employees, and attorneys. Client acknowledges that neither The Closing Company, Inc. or its attorney(s) have provided legal representation, legal counsel or legal advice to Client, and no attorney-client relationship has been established and none will be implied. In the event The Closing Company, Inc. is required to hire an attorney to enforce or defend any provisions of this Disclaimer, the undersigned agree(s) to pay all costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, whether or not a suit is brought. In addition to the foregoing, Client acknowledges that (s)he has been advised by The Closing Company, Inc. that purchases at a public or private auction are conducted solely at Client’s risk, and that such purchases at public and private auctions carry significant and possibly unforeseen, unreasonable, and undiscoverable risks, including the risk of condo/homeowner’s association liens, fines and violations, outstanding liens, encumbrances, encroachments, code violations, and open permits and other matters that may temporarily or permanently prevent marketability and insurability of the property. This title report does not reveal Homeowner/ Condominium Association fees and special assessments, survey or boundary encroachments, unrecorded or pending liens, open permits, code violations, municipal violations, utility balances or other unrecorded documents or documents in process of recording ("gap" period).
Cost for Florida Title Search is $250.00 total. Fee is prepaid and nonrefundable
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