Organize with the Greater Chicago IWW
Workers may use this form to submit a request for organizing assistance in their workplace. Please answer all questions fully. An Organizing Mentor will contact you shortly after form completion.

You have a right to organize in your workplace. Nevertheless, you should be careful about proceeding. Our branch conducts regular trainings on organizing which are open to IWW members.

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All workers who are not managers, landlords reaping 50%+ of income from tenants, officers of trade/craft unions or political parties, or law enforcement officers are invited to become members of the IWW. Unemployed, underemployed, and student workers are also welcomed. Dues are sliding scale, $6-$33 per month. Create a login, apply for membership, and pay dues on Redcard.
Have you had discussions with your fellow workers about organizing? How did those discussions go? How many are interested? (Be cautious about having these conversations.)
Are there workplace cliques or defined social groups? Describe.
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Please give us a fun code name that we can use to refer to your place of employment for security purposes (eg: "Pain at the Pizzeria" or "Big Box Blues")
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