WPF "Pocket" Camp 2020
Time: 31. July - 2. August (Weekend)
Start: Friday 14:00, Location CasePark
End: Sunday 18:00, Location CasePark
Location and Accomodation: CasePark
Address: Gallenweg 8, 4133 Pratteln


Friday: CasePark Jam, Barbecue
Saturday: Jam at Spots in Basel and Birsfelden, Pizza at Birsköpli (at the Riverside)
Sunday: Jam at Spots around Basel

This year's WPF Camp will take place on a smaller scale, because the pandemic (COVID-19) situation did not allow the proper organization for a nice 10 years Anniversary WPF Camp. Nevertheless, this year we would like to spend a weekend with the parkour community from Switzerland and the neighboring countries and train a lot of Parkour and Freerunning.
For the WPF "Pocket" Camp 2020 we will spend the whole weekend with two nights in the CasePark. Participants must take a sleeping bag with them, possibly a mat to lay on. The Parkour Park, CasePark in Pratteln, will be our accommodation and our first spot. By participating in our event, you can spend a whole weekend in the the first Parkour Park in Basel and train there including breakfast and dinner. We also visit many spots in and around Basel.


Hereby you register you and your participation to the WPF Event of the WPF "Pocket" Camp 2020. The registration is binding and will be followed by payment of the participants. Please fill out this registration form precisely and truthfully. In addition to the participation contract, this form is also a waiver of the liability of the World's Parkour Family Association for accidents and lost items during the weekend. The World's Parkour Family is obliged to provide the services described below upon the registration of the participants. The participants also take note of and agree to the WPF Corona Virus protection concept, which will be sent to each participant by Mail.

All personal information is only used to organize this event and must be recorded in accordance with the WPF Coronavirus Protection Concept. The data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. Participants agree that the World's Parkour Family can keep the data securely.

After registering, participants will be sent a Mail with payment information and further information within one week. After payment has been made, a definitive confirmation will be sent via email, at the latest 3 days before the event. Registration and payment serve as confirmation of participation for the World's Parkour Family and the participants.

Package Tickets Price

Half Weekend Package CHF 60.-
- 2x Training/Jam Participation (2 Days)
- 1x Accomodation Overnight
- Food: 1x Breakfats, 1x Dinner,
- Public Transport in Basel

Full Weekend Package CHF 90.-
- 3x Training/Jam Participation (3 Days)
- 2x Accomodation Overnight
- Food: 2x Breakfast, 2x Dinner
- Public Transport in Basel

Day Training Only CHF 30.-
- 1x Training/Jam Participation (1 Day)
- Food
- Public Transport in Basel

Full Weekend Training Only CHF 50.-
- 3x Training/Jam Participation (3 Days)
- Food
- Public Transport in Basel

Checklist for participants

- Sleeping bag! Mandatory!
- Mat as underlay (if there is none, there is one on site)
- Maybe hammock or tent
- Protective mask (public transport)! Mandatory!
- Personal drink bottle
- Possibly personal cutlery
- Personal sterilizer! Mandatory!
- Food for lunch etc.
- Pocket money for emergencies
- Personal Identity Card
- Enough clothes to change
- Sportswear and Good Shoes
- Swimming equipment (swimming trunks, bathing suit, bath towel)
- Sleeping utensils (pillows etc.)
- Hygiene products (shower products, towels, toothbrush etc.)
- Personal medication
- Personal health insurance card ID

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Pizza Wish *
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