LA Application (only Returning LAs) - Summer 2019
Welcome to the application for Summer 2019 LAs. Thanks to UCLA Summer Sessions, we are excited to be able to waive 192 tuition and fees for most Summer LAs!

We generally have very few LAs each summer, but the program is expanding this summer, so each course might have a different process for LA selection.


We will prioritize Returning LAs who want to work with an instructor they have already been an LA for. So before filling this in, we highly recommend that you:
(1) identify if there are any courses below with instructors you have LA-ed for,
(2) if so, email that instructor indicating (a) your interest in LA-ing for their summer course, (b) your LA experience so far, and (c) which session you are available.
They may be happy to have anyone interested, or they may have a long list of applicants and ask you to submit your application here to be considered.

Please address any questions and concerns to
Email address *
Name *
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Do not include spaces or dashes. Example: 123456789
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Did you already confirm with the instructor that they want you as an LA? (highly recommended)
What is the email address of the instructor?
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When did you take the LA pedagogy seminar? *
Which sessions are you interested in being an LA for? *
How many hours per week are you able to dedicate to the LA program during the sessions indicated? (Note: If only an LA for a 3-week course, then double all hr/wk below.) *
Please indicate which courses you'd be most interested in working with (scroll right for more course offerings). *An asterisk indicates a high need for LAs.
Please note that we give priority to students who have taken the class with the professor that they intend to work with. If you do not wish to indicate a second or third choice, please select "N/A". (All LAs will be provided an option to receive a letter grade if they prefer.) PLEASE NOTE: The scroll bar may not appear; you should still be able to scroll right to find the rest of the listed courses.
Chem14A (Prado; 06/24 - 07/12)
Chem14B (Courey; 07/15 - 08/02)
Chem14C (Pham; 08/05 - 08/23)
Chem14C (not yet confirmed - Tobolowsky; Session A)
Chem30B (Pham; 7/15-8/2)
Chem30B (not yet confirmed - Tobolowsky; Session C)
CS31 (not yet confirmed)
CS32 (not yet confirmed)
CS33 (not yet confirmed)
LS7A (contact Dr. Maloy; Session A)
LS7A (contact Aly Mulji; Session C)
LS7B (contact Aly Mulji)
LSC7C (contact Aly Mulji)
LS23L (contact Dr. Pfluegl)
LS30 (contact Dr. Shevtsov)
Physics 4AL
Physics 4BL
Physics5A (not confirmed)
Physics5B (not confirmed)
Physics5AL (confirmed)
Physics5BL (confirmed)
Physics5CL (confirmed)
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
If "Other", please indicate course and instructor.
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Are you interested in applying to be a Summer Pedagogy or Logistics Head LA? *
We are not yet sure how many Head LAs we will have over the summer, but we'd like to gauge interest in Head LA positions. We will only take folks who have previously been a Pedagogy or Logistics Head. CHECK ALL THAT ARE TRUE FOR YOU.
Do you want credit or prefer to volunteer? (We can waive 192 tuition and fees for most LAs. We will prioritize those in LS23L, LS30 and Physics 5L.) *
Do you plan on applying to be an LA in the future?
If applying to an LS7 course, answer the questions below. Otherwise, skip to next section.
LS7 Content Meeting Times (by session)
Are you available to attend the content meeting for the course and summer session you want to LA for? (indicate yes by writing the session, course, and content meeting time here)
Your answer
If applying to 7A: Are you available to attend the 7A lectures [Session A: MWF 9-10:50; Session C: MWF 12-1:50pm]? (indicate yes by writing the session, course, and lecture times here)
Your answer
Indicate at least two discussion/lab sections that you are able to attend:
Indicate at least two PS/CLC sessions that you are able to attend:
If you already have instructor approval, you are all done and can scroll down and submit!
If you don't have instructor approval, you are unlikely to get an assignment, but you are welcome to try by filling out the questions below.
Please list the name(s) of the course(s), instructor(s), and quarter(s) you've worked with as an LA.
Example: Biochem 153A - Tienson - Fall 2017
Your answer
For all the courses you indicated an interest in, please list the professor you had for the course and the grade received. (Course, Professor, Grade Received)
Example: Biochem 153A - Tienson - B
Your answer
OPTIONAL: Any Additional Preferences?
I.e. Are you looking to work with a specific professor? Are you interested in a class that wasn't listed (which is unlikely)? etc.
Your answer
OPTIONAL: Please explain your preferences for these content courses.
Your answer
OPTIONAL: Have you been a part of PEERS or AAP?
Why do you want to continue your work in the LA Program? (Please limit responses to 200 words or less.)
Your answer
What are some of the strengths you think you demonstrated as an LA in the past? What are some of the weaknesses you would like to improve upon in the coming quarters? (Please limit responses to 200 words or less.)
Your answer
What ideas do you have to improve the Learning Assistant program and/or your content course? (Please limit responses to 200 words or less.)
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Interview Project/Final Reflection Link
OPTIONAL: Include a link to your pedagogy seminar final project and/or other seminar assignment to demonstrate your thoughtfulness as an LA.
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Any additional comments, questions, or concerns?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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