Interview Questions for "Who Are The People In Our (HPIC) Neighborhood?"
Thank you for agreeing to be on the HPIC website and in our e-news. We are excited to learn more about you. Please only provide information you are comfortable with being public and on the internet. It would be great if you could answer all the questions, your answers are meant to be short.
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Just who are all these wonderful folks that live in our neighborhood and hang out at Highland Park Improvement Club? Each month we will feature neighbor, could be a trustee, volunteer, supporter, teacher, or your neighbor.
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1. How long have you lived in Highland Park (if not in HP what neighborhood should we list) and where are you from originally?
2. What's your dream job? and what's your "real" job?
3. What are 3 things you can't live without?
4. What would you bring to a potluck?
5. What are 5 words your best HUMAN friend OR your best dog/cat/hamster/bird/PET friend might use to describe you? (If pet, what kind & name)
6. What’s the last book you read?
7. What are you currently (binge) watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Cable?
8. What's your favorite event or program at the Highland Park Improvement Club and why? *
9. When you are not at Highland Park Improvement Club, what other community spots do you like to go to?
10. If there was one thing you wanted people to know about Highland Park Improvement Club, what would it be? *
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