Shio-tan Song Suggestion / 曲目依頼書
Hello! This form is for song suggestions for my covers and Twitcast streams!
All the songs will be compiled into a list~

Please suggest only ONE song per form!



Is this song suggestion for cover or twitcast stream? /// どこで歌ってほしいの?
Clear selection
Please give the name of the song and the name of the producer/artist /// 曲名とプロデューサー名をお願いします [Example: からくりピエロ - 40mP] *
Please link the ON VOCAL (the version of the song with the original vocals!) /// ON VOCALのリンクをお願いします *
If it is possible, please provide a link to the OFF VOCAL/instrumental or a link to where I can find it. /// 可能であれば、OFF VOCALへのリンク、またはどこで見られるかをお知らせください。
Notes/Comments /// 別記
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