Sales and Marketing Representative
Vacancy - 5
Location - Beed, Maharashtra
* Qualification: MBA(Marketing)

* Experience: 2-4 years (Marketing)

* Excellent communication skills(at least in 3 languages - English, Marathi and Hindi)

* Joining on urgent basis

* Salary will decide in last MD round.

Responsibilities / Job description
* To visit locations such as banks, shops where our services are required.

* Generation of new leads, by converting site visits into marketing

* Establish closed-loop analytics with sales to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns into customers, and continually refine our process to convert customers.

* Monitor and engage in relevant discussions about our company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing leads and customers as well as from brand new audiences.

* Explore new ways to engage and identify new social networks to reach our target distributors, retailers, service providers.

* Speak and present both internally and externally to promote the story of our product.

* Setting up new targets for every month and its conversion by continual interaction with our clients.

* Assist in analyzing marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic etc.) to help shape future marketing strategies.

* Interviews, hires, and trains marketing staff members.

* Establishes marketing goals based on past performance and market forecasts.

* Oversees current offerings and comes up with initiatives for new products or services.

* Researches and analyses market trends, demographics, pricing schedules, competitor products, and other relevant information to form marketing strategies.

* Approves and oversees the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects.

* Works with marketing staff to develop detailed marketing plans for all media channels and sales teams.

* Provides in-depth information to interested clients, and acts as a representative for the marketing department in important buyer meetings.

* Present product to potential buyers and new leads in professional way and have ability to convince people to buy our product.

* Communicates with various media buyers, advertising agencies, printers, and other services to help marketing projects come to fruition.

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