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Sanctum is a company building tools to stop scammers. Bjorn, our CEO (that guy up there) started the company when his mom got hooked by a health care scam and lost $10K. He went looking for a tool to prevent that from happening again, and couldn't find anything. So he started this company, and now we're here trying to make the world a little safer.

Below is a short survey about your perception of scams, and whether you've ever encountered any. We appreciate you sharing your experience as it will help us design a new generation of tools. Please don't share any personal information, but the more detail you can provide the better!

If you'd prefer to discuss this with us live, you can contact us here.
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How would you define a "scam"? *
Is a "scam" the same as a "fraud" to you? *
How much do you worry about being targeted by scams? *
It doesn't worry me
I'm very concerned
Do you worry about your parents, or elderly family members, being targeted by scams? *
Not at all
Yes, it's a serious concern
Has anyone in your family ever been targeted by a scam, or fallen for a scam? If so please tell us about it.
Please don't share any personally identifiable information with us. We just want to understand why scams work.
Do you think your family members would tell you if they fell for a scam? *
How savvy are you with technology? *
Not very
I love tech
How savvy are your family members? *
Not very
They love tech
Have you ever spoken with your family about scams, either to educate them about what to look for or when to ask for help? *
Do you do anything to protect your family from scams today? If so, tell us about it.
Would you be interested in a service that helped protect you and your family from scams? *
Have you ever searched for, or used, tools to protect you or your family from scams? If so tell us about them.
If you or a relative has fallen victim to a scam, we would like to talk to you about the experience if you are comfortable. Provide your email address here and Bjorn (our CEO) will reach out to speak with you personally.
This is optional, please only provide your information if you'd like us to contact you.
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