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At NorthStar Academy we accept dual credit from accredited colleges and universities across the US. Any NorthStar student desiring to earn high school credit for a dual credit course from an accredited college or university should seek approval from the Guidance Counselor. Each course that a student wishes to have granted high school credit on NorthStar Academy's transcript will be evaluated on a case by case basis for credit towards graduation. No more than 25% of a student's total high school credits at NorthStar Academy can come through the dual credit pathway. A $50 dual credit evaluation fee will be charged for each course to be transferred onto NorthStar's transcript. Please note that a 3 or 4 credit hour college course transfers in as 0.5 high school credit.

NorthStar Academy reserves the right to refuse any dual credit courses that do not meet our program standards. A $40 refund will be given for any courses that are refused after review.

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