"Trick Films" - Special Effects Filmmaking Workshop @ Hong Kong Academy (2019 Autumn)
Course Description:
Before all the special effects you see in movies today, there were Trick Films. These early films made by magicians featured clever filmmaking techniques to achieve a variety of cinematic illusions, and paved the way for generations of “movie magic” to come. In our special Trick Films holiday workshop at Hong Kong Academy, students will discover the secrets behind some of these timeless effects, and learn to apply them to the films they make at home. By creating their own Trick Films, students will exercise their imaginations to understand how reality can be manipulated on screen, and open their minds to the wondrous possibilities of cinema. Join us this October and experience the creative process behind the very first special effects ever seen on film.

Venue: Hong Kong Academy (33 Wai Man Rd, Sai Kung)
Dates: Oct 8-11 (4 Days)
Ages: 8-11
Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM
Cost: $3,000 HKD ($2,800 HKD before Sep 29)

Babel Film Workshop is the premier visual literacy program in Hong Kong. Through innovative filmmaking activities, we empower students to become better communicators by engaging in the most influential medium in our world today. This summer, we will be offering our first 5-day workshop focused on special effects.
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