MLA Formatting Scavenger Hunt

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Each student group of 3 will find answers to the questions below at the following site: Where answers are to be written, please give answers in complete sentences. Check to make sure proper grammar and punctuation have been used. Group members might include Time-Keeper, Leader-Recorder, Checker, Summarizer.

Timekeeper: Someone needs to make sure that the group stays on track and gets through a reasonable amount of material in the given time period.

Summarizer: Every so often (perhaps once per question for a list of questions, or at the end for one question), this student provides a summary of the discussion for other students to approve or amend.

Leader/Editor: This student is in charge of organizing the final product of the project, be it a paper, a presentation, etc. That doesn't mean technical details, but of making sure that the project meets the standards set out by the instructor (often as a rubric), plus any extras stipulated by the group. These standards generally include punctuality and completeness.
Recorder/Secretary: This person takes notes whenever the group meets and keeps track of group data/sources/etc. This person distributes these notes to the rest of the group highlighting sections relevant for their parts of the project.

Checker: Someone needs to double-check data, bibliographic sources, or graphics for accuracy and correctness.

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