Working-From-Home Environment Survey
This 10 question survey is designed to research what concerns people most about home-based working and what can be done to help them work more effectively in the home. Thank you for participating.
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1. What do you find most difficult about working-from-home?
2. What do you most enjoy about working-from-home?
3. What is it about working-from-home that's stopping you from being as effective as you'd like to be?
4. Where do you work in your house? (tick all that apply)
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5. What do use use to work on eg kitchen table, desk, ironing board, lap etc
6. What do you sit on while you're working eg bed, sofa, kitchen chair, stool, beanbag etc
7. What view do you have from your workspace/s eg garden, inside of another room, a wall with a painting (of what), other people working?
8. If you have an outside space you can use, what is it eg garden, balcony?
9. Which of these training ideas in planning your home working space appeals to you:
Open question: if you had 10 minutes of my time as an expert in Sociospacial Reciprocity and Place Therapy, what would you ask me about improving your home workspaces (if anything)?
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