Historical Markers Community Survey
This is a short survey intended to gather your input on a city-wide historical marker program. The Historic Preservation Commission has been working to develop this proposal for the past several months. The proposed historical marker program would establish historical markers throughout the city that feature images and text describing various parts of Greenville's history.
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About you: do you live in the City of Greenville? *
If yes, how long have you been a city resident?
Do you think it is important for Greenville to recognize and preserve its history? *
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How do you think the City could improve how we share and learn about Greenville's history? *
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What destinations or places do you show visitors to Greenville? [Destinations can be parks, restaurants, buildings, neighborhoods, etc] *
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What are your top three most important places, people, events, sites, or structures that you think should be featured on a Historical Marker? Why are these places or people important in understanding the history of Greenville? *
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If you do not live in Greenville, list 3 reasons you visit the city [other than shopping and restaurants].
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