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This survey is for ETCV member schools. This survey is only to be filled in by the ETCV representative for your school.
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Use full time equivalent teachers (Do not include support staff). The number of teachers at the school expressed in terms of full-time teachers. A full-time teacher is counted as 1.0; a teacher who works three days a week is counted as 0.6. If unsure you can visit and lookup your school. Copy in the "Full-time equivalent teaching staff" number.
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At our school students have access to: *
This could be from devices that are in a 1to1 program or provided in by the school in labs or common spaces for particular subjects.
1to1 Device Program
Select devices that are currently in the hands of your students in a 1to1 program. Leave blank if no 1:1 program exists.
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Select the main document productivity solution used at your school:
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