2020 MADE HERE MARKET vendor application
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The inaugural Made Here Market was a great success last April, with 60 vendors and an estimated 4000 attendees! The 2020 Made Here Market will be held in Cookeville, TN on April 25th, and is now accepting makers from all parts of the Upper Cumberland region to apply as vendors. It doesn't matter if you're a brand new maker, or if you've been doing it for years and nation-wide chains carry your merchandise in their stores - as long as you MAKE something in some form or capacity, and you live in the region, you could be featured at the Made Here Market. If you're not familiar with the Market, spend some time looking through our website (www.thebizfoundry.org/mhm). Then click below to begin your application.

Applications are due by December 15, 2019. All applications received after December 15th will be placed on a waiting list for review and consideration, should spots open up later.
Let's start with an easy one: What is your first name? *
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If you are selected to be a Market vendor, your name will appear on our website and in our Market guide as the "Maker" of your business. Please write out below HOW you want your name to appear - and remember to include any other Makers' names if you'd like. *
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What is the best email address we can use to reach you? (You will be contacted via this email address to let you know the results of your application, so make sure it's one you check.) *
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What is the name of your business? (Again, write it as you would like it to appear in official Made Here Market material.) *
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In which county (or counties) is your business located? (If you are entirely an online storefront, please just list the county in which you reside.) *
Please list all of your social media handles, links to your websites, etc. that you would like us to review for your application - and note which ONE you prefer to list on official Made Here Market material with an ASTERISK ( * ). We really do need to see what you make- so If you do not list a website or social media account, please email a photo to ashley@thebizfoundry.org. (And if you've done a market before, please email a photo of your booth. We like to see a good-looking booth.) *
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Tell us a little bit about your business or products - we are dying to know all about it! Do you paint? Forge metals? Make lamps? Produce your own dog food? Bake pies? Make spyware? Tell us more... *
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How long have you been in business? *
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In what price range are your products you are planning to offer at the Market? Click all that may apply. *
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Makers will not be able to choose their exact booth locations, but we would like to know what your preference may be. (NOTE: The Main Market Tent and Indoor spots will both be offered to the vendors that the Made Here Market team selects as appropriate for those spots. Clicking one of the boxes below does not guarantee you that booth.) If you are selected to be a vendor at this year's market, which of the following booth locations do you most prefer?
Made Here Market ONLY ACCEPTS VENDORS WHO ACTUALLY MAKE their products. Sorry, this is just not the event for direct sales companies, antiques, or other similar items. Please check "yes" below to let us know that you do in fact make your own product, art, craft, or food item. *
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Excellent: You have completed your application to be a vendor at the 2020 Made Here Market!! Someone will be reading your application shortly, and will contact you via email with your results by January 15th, 2020. If your application is accepted, you will be offered a booth type and an invoice for it; booth fees must be paid before your reservation is complete. Click "yes" if you have read and agree to this process. *
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