CISO Track RSA 2020 Application for Registration
Welcome to the CISO Track, RSA 2020 edition. Please remember that the CISO Track is intended for active full time CISOs/CSOs, and is held under Chatham House Rule.

We cannot guarantee registration, as the track is limited to up to 50 participants in order to assure optimal participation.

The track is intended to run for a single day, and focus around curated discussions between the participants. 4-5 topics will be discussed through the day. As part of the application process we'd like to solicit for topics in order to make sure that we discuss the most pertinent ones during the track.

Through the application, if you have a specific suggestion to a question, please use the "Other" option to provide it!
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Content: As far as topics go, please mark 3-5 topics that would be the most interesting for you to have a discussion with your peers on. Feel free to suggest additional topics if your top 3-5 do not show up here! *
Participants List
The CISO Track requires a certain level of trust between all participants. We believe that this level of trust is crucial, and can be achieved only by knowing who you are going to spend the day with. As such, we plan to make the participant list available to the rest of the track participants.
The list will NOT be available to anyone else - sponsors, presenters, or any staff other than the CISO Track chairs.
I commit to the privacy of the participant list and will not share it with anyone. *
Time Commitment: Are you able to dedicate the full day (9:00-17:00) and participate in the track? We won't allow entry mid-day, and leaving before the end of the track would severely hinder the track success as it depends on everyone's active participation. *
Participation: we plan on setting a minimum donation for the track at $250. This is to ensure commitment from our participants. Confirm your contribution commitment. *
Chatham House Rule: Do you see a problem with the Chatham House Rule for enabling open discussion? Confirm that you are open to sharing your experience under these conditions? *
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