ESFC Application Form 2019 (new players)

The applicant ( or the parent / guardian for under 18 years of age on behalf of the applicant ) hereby applies for membership / renewal of membership at Emmarentia Sporting Football Club for the duration of the year 2019 and agrees (should the application be accepted):
1. That the details specified on this form are correct
2. That the applicant and parents will abide by the rules, constitution and codes of conduct of the club
3. That the applicant and parents will assist the Club in the development of sportsmanship and behave in a manner that will enhance the overall reputation of the Club and the applicant's growth in football and that coaching will be left to coaches
4. That all activities arising from his / hers membership of the Club are undertaken at the applicants own risk. The applicant indemnifies Emmarentia Sporting Football Club and its members should any injury or harm befall him/her whilst undertaking an such activities
5. That the applicant will pay the annual fees of R 2900 and/or agree in writing with the Club Treasurer the terms on which fees are payable
6. The applicant acknowledges that he/she is aware that fees are are due on acceptance of the applicant and will not be refunded in the event of the applicant terminating his/her membership before the end of the season
7. Membership must be renewed by 30 January 2019.
8. Places are limited and a first come first served approach will be employed as part of the selection criteria
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