Registration for The European Mission Trip (July 7-22, 2019)
Welcome to this registration form for The European Mission Trip.
In order to better organize this missions camp we would like for you to respond to a few questions.
Thanks in advance.
And then wait for the confirmation form before booking your flight!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact JP LONGERON (

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And what about you? (spiritual journey)
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A few REQUIREMENTS before you come :
- find 3 friends who will pray with you before and after the trip, and who will pray for you every day during the trip.
- do what's necessary for an insurance in case of problems (health, accident ...) in Europe
- make sure that your passport (and visa) are up to date.
- pay for the cost of the week (1200 euros) to the YFC Romania account ( before June 1st, 2019.
I understand the conditions and will comply. *
I will respect the culture in which I will be serving and will respect what is asked of me. *
I authorize YFC Romania to use photos (or videos) in which I am pictured, and which are taken during the Mission Trip in order to illustrate their written communication (website, Facebook, posters...) *
Other (questions, comments, ...)
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