Sahib Al Quran Program (Fall 2020)
Sahib Al Quran Program

🔹 Course Information:
Age Group: 8+ years old
Offering Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 4pm-6pm
Start Date: September 7, 2020
Cost: $250 for Non-members. $200 for Members.

🔹Specific Requirements:
1- Be able to memorize 5 pages a week/20 pages a month
2- Pass the Tajweed written and oral test
3- Strong Commitment

A person who lives their life in the shade of the Quran lives a long life full of blessings, purity, happiness, and success. It is an honor that Allah gives special people and a light that He grants whoever He wills. The mission of this program is to help participants to join the blessed group of people who Allah has honored with holding the entire Quran in their hearts.

We will begin memorizing from Sura Al Fatiha all the way down to Sura Al Nas (5 pages a week/ 20 pages a month) for 8 semesters.

🔹Program Goals:
- Help create a generation of Huffadh of the Holy Quran (individuals who have memorized the entire Quran by heart) who will be role models for their peers and carry the responsibility and the honor of passing on the Quran to coming generations.
- Teach participants all of the skills that they need to memorize the Quran excellently and never forget it.
- Inspire graduates to be steadfast Muslims because of their connection with the Holy Quran, in keeping with the ayah: “Say, [O Muhammad], ‘The Pure Spirit has brought it down from your Lord in truth to make firm those who believe and as guidance and good tidings to the Muslims.’” (An-Nahl, Ayah 102)
Information about the Program
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