Game Devs of Color Expo 2017 - Game Submissions
Thank you for your interest in this event! Learn more about it here:

If selected, your game will be shown in New York City at our expo on June 24, 2017. You will receive a free ticket if you are able to attend in person.

Submissions close on March 15, 2017.

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Do you identify as a person of color?
This includes but is not limited to: Black, Latina/o/x, East Asian, Desi, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, and multiracial people who do not mainly identify as White.
What is the title of your game?
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If possible, provide a link to an image that represents your game.
This will be used as the cover image for your game on our site. If you do not have a link available, we will contact you via email.
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If possible, provide a link to your game's trailer or video.
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Finally, please add any additional notes, comments or questions. Thank you!
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