LW/SSC MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 team interest survey
The upcoming MIT Mystery Hunt will be January 15-18, 2021 (MLK Day weekend), and will be all-remote. For more details see http://web.mit.edu/puzzle/www/. Please fill out this form to express interest in forming a team drawn from the LW/SSC/etc community. Even if you're not sure, please fill it out - I need to submit an estimate of the team size by November 15, although more people can still be added after that.

The MIT Mystery Hunt takes place every January and consists of a long series of puzzles, which teams compete to solve as quickly as possible. (For an archive of past puzzles see http://web.mit.edu/puzzle/www/huntsbyyear.html). Whichever team solves all the puzzles first wins the honor of designing and hosting the next year's Mystery Hunt.

My contact info: jchan#7001 on Discord ; https://www.lesswrong.com/users/jchan ; chanj137036@gmail.com
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If an LW/SSC team is formed, how likely are you to participate in it?
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Are you a minor (under age 18) who is *not* a current MIT student? (MIT wants to know how many such people are on each team.)
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What platform should our team use for real-time chat?
What should our team name be? (The most popular answer will be the team name, and everyone who proposed it will receive praise and renown... If you can't think of something now, you can leave this blank and fill out the form again later with your same name above)
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