Your Suggestions for the New Portland Vegan 100
Ideas are now being put together for the updated Portland Vegan 100 list. Please feel free to submit more than one suggestion.

The rules are simply:
-The dish must be vegan.
-The dish must be GREAT. Think...dishes that blow your mind. Meals that people travel not only across town, but across the country to try.
-The dish must be found in the grreater Portland, OR area.

Note: suggestions from restaurant chains are welcome and will be considered, but the emphasis is ideally on dishes that are unique to Portland. Smoothies, juices, cocktails and mocktails are also welcome.

This list was originally conceived in 2009. Here's the 2010 list for reference:

All suggestions will be reviewed and the final list will be edited by a small group later this summer.

Where can one get this dish? *
Please include the name of the restaurant, bar, food cart, stand or other establishment.
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What's the name of the dish? *
Please give the name. If you have to specifically request it vegan, please let us know how.
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