Westside 2017 Public Sale of Used Technology: Laptops/iPads/Apple TV's
June 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. 9AM to 4PM. Westside High School ( 8701 Pacific, Omaha, NE 68114)
Help us plan!
Please answer the questions below and let us know when you are likely going to come in and purchase, what you plan on purchasing, and in what quantities. If your plans change...there is no need to contact us...no problem. We are just trying to make sure we have enough devices ready and in stock. Thanks!
Please note! This online form is NOT...
Not an order for devices, not a reservation for devices, not a guarantee of getting a device(though we have plenty).
We have a large quantity of devices, we would just like to get some additional information to help us prepare. Thank you!
What day will you likely be coming to make your purchase?
How many 11" MacBook Airs ($360 EA) do you plan on purchasing?
How many 4th Generation iPads ($160 EA) do you plan on purchasing?
How many 3rd Generation Apple TV's ($60/$40 EA) do you plan on purchasing?
OPTIONAL: If you have read all the material regarding this sale and you still have a question, you may submit it below(but make sure you provide your email address in the next question)...
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