Analyzing the Effect of the Black Death on the Population of Europe
Population Change in Europe over Time
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Find the "X" axis of the graph. What is the label for the "X" axis?
Look at the "values" (numbers) on the X axis. What is the smallest and the largest?
Find the "Y" axis of the graph, what is the label for the "Y" axis?
Make you you include the parentheses.
What was the population (in millions) at the start of the first plague?
In about what year did the first plague start?
After the first plague, how low did the population go? (Answer in millions)
In about what year after the first plague did the population reach a low point?
Calculate how many years it took from the low point of population after the first plague to the beginning of the second plague?
Calculate how many people died from the beginning of the second plague to the low point after it.
Based on what you calculated and analyzed write short paragraph explaining what the graph shows. Include numbers.
Using the Google Map Overlay which shows the spread of the black plague in Europe, in what places does it appear to have started?
In what year does the map show the plague beginning?
What are some cities that suffered large losses in population? Separate them by comma's.
It is estimated that the first black plague killed between 1/4 and 1/3 of the European population. If that happened in the US today, how many people could die?
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