Questions for Candidate Reference
Thank you for participating as a reference for a Dream Come True Foundation program applicant. Your responses will be helpful in creating a profile of the applicant that we will use to determine their suitability to our program. We may contact you will follow-up questions.

The Dream Come True Foundation identifies individuals of exceptional potential who are caught in the cycle of poverty, and leads them and their families to bright futures through a combination of mentoring, education, and direct financial assistance. Our model has proven to be effective, and our "Dream Achievers" have launched successful careers in fields such as nursing, law, healthcare administration, and teaching.

While we accept rolling applications, we have two very specific timelines to onboard new candidates during our fiscal year (July 1 - June 30):

1. Spring /Summer start (eligible applicants should apply January 1, through April 30) MOU will tentatively be executed with fiscal year beginning July 1
2. Fall/Winter start (eligible applicants should start applying September through November) MOU will tentatively be executed Jan 1 (due to tedious interview process)

Note: There are some exceptions to the policy above.

Please contact Chiquita Board if you have any questions: .
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