NCCP Withdrawal Form
Here at North City Cooperative Preschool we understand that circumstances arise that may cause you to withdraw your child from NCCP. We hope to make this process as simple as possible for you. Please complete the form below so that we can officially withdraw you and your child from NCCP and Shoreline Community College, ensure you get the appropriate applicable fees returned to you promptly.
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In order for NCCP to better serve students and their families in the future, please answer the following questions
Is there something NCCP could have done better for you and/or your child?
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Are there any other suggestions and/or remarks you would like NCCP to know about, regarding your time with us?
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By hitting the submit button, I understand that I am withdrawing my child I have listed above from NCCP. Any positions my child may have held on a waitlist and/or a class(s) will be forfeited. Should I wish to re-register my child I may contact the registrar at I also understand that NCCP has thirty (30) days to process and mail any refund I may be owed. Should you have any questions about your account, you may contact the treasurer at will miss you here at NCCP and you are always welcome to visit us again!
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