Third sector’s contribution to tackling health inequalities – learning set to create a theory of change
The National Learning Collaborative for Inequalities has asked Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) to develop a theory of change to demonstrate the third sector’s contribution to tackling health inequalities. ESS is seeking third sector and statutory sector representatives (with a role in commissioning/funding third sector partners) to take part in a learning set to develop a theory of change / logic model about the role of the third sector

The theory of change will capture, at a high level, the broad range of activities the third sector currently deliver to tackle health inequalities and the different roles the third sector plays in preventing inequalities. It is anticipated that theory of change will help:

• third sector organisations to explain to funders and partners how their work contributes to impacting on inequalities
• funders and commissioners better understand the third sector’s contribution

ESS will bring together a diverse range of representatives from different parts of the third sector, working at different stages of prevention. We are seeking approximately 8 working group members, with the majority representing the third sector.

This strategic work will feed directly into the public health reform agenda and contribute to improving clarity around the third sector’s role in achieving a step change in public health outcomes and tackling inequality.

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