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NU Huskies Organizing With Labor (HOWL) is a coalition of students, faculty, and student organizations organizing in solidarity with workers on campus. We seek to lend our support and leverage our unique position as students to build a campus community that is more fair and just for all. Right now, we are urgently seeking to grow our coalition to support NU's dining hall workers as they renegotiate their contract for better wages, benefits, and treatment. We also organize in solidarity with security workers, facility workers, graduate student workers, and non-tenure track faculty.

This form is for individual students and faculty seeking to join HOWL as well as student organizations who have collectively decided to join. We ask that student organizations choose one member to make one form submission on the organization's behalf. Although all members of organizations who join HOWL will have the opportunity to join in on HOWL communications and activities, only ONE member of a student organization needs to fill out this form.

Please review the NU HOWL Sign-on Agreement below to move forward with joining HOWL.
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 By joining our coalition, you agree to the following:
We believe that all workers, subcontracted and directly hired, are part of the Northeastern University community.
We believe that all members of the Northeastern University community should be treated with respect and dignity.
We believe that Northeastern University should provide fair, secure jobs that pay a living wage.
We believe that all workers should be able to speak out against injustices in the workplace without fear of reprisal.
We believe in the collective liberation of students and workers by following the lead of workers without adopting savior complexes or power hierarchies.
We believe in maintaining full transparency and direct communication with all those associated with HOWL, sharing knowledge, planning, and decision-making with the coalition.
We believe in taking accountability for our mistakes no matter the intent, and in creating a space in which all coalition members feel comfortable speaking and feel heard.

I am/my organization is in full agreement with the principles of HOWL described above: *
(For student organizations only) Student organizations will, to the best of their ability, actively fulfill coalition membership by:
1. Regularly relaying information about HOWL’s campaign and events to their members through organizational communication channels and social media, if applicable, and encouraging members to attend HOWL actions such as rallies, letter deliveries, and teach-ins.

2. Allowing HOWL members to speak briefly at predetermined organization meetings about HOWL membership and events.

3. Choosing one or more HOWL liaisons from their organization who will be points of contact with HOWL and attend as many HOWL general meetings as possible on behalf of the organization (bi-weekly Thursdays at 6 PM, in-person and Zoom options available)

My student organization will, to the best of its ability, actively fulfill the coalition membership responsibilities described above: *
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