We dream. That's all we can do. Please let us know if you share this dream too.

A five year plan.
2020 - Brit80 80way Sequentials
2022 - Brit120
2024 - Brit200
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Tunnel time supercharges your learning experience.
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So that we can understand your comfort in and around large numbers of canopies.
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Where should we hold these events?
This is a massive logistical undertaking (nightmare), do you have any skills you'd be willing to volunteer to assist?
eg administrative, hotel sorting, social media, traditional media, jumper recruitment, sponsoring, sponsor finding, goody bag filling, graphic design, website design, dropzone finding, negotiating, legal, GDPR, safeguarding, lunch and dinner sorting, tax advising, accountancy, load organising, judging and/or all the other stuff I haven't thought of yet - feel free to offer skills I haven't listed please.
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Or just tell us something to make us smile.
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