Judy Sleeth Scholarship Fund Application
Every child deserves art!

In 1982, Judy Sleeth, a parent, teacher, and curriculum developer, was dismayed to find her child’s kindergarten class and the whole school had no art program. Her passion for art and her conviction that children need to learn about art motivated her to write and teach her own lessons. As her children grew, she extended the curriculum from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The lessons became popular at other schools, and parents and teachers were eager to learn how to teach them. Art in Action became a nonprofit in 1999, further developing the curriculum and training teachers and parents. Soon it was converted to an online program to be accessible to educators everywhere. Currently reaching 80,000 children in 32 states, Judy is thrilled that so many children are learning critical thinking, creativity, self-expression and cultural awareness through art.

The mission of Art in Action is to make sure all children have access to art education. In recognition of Judy’s passion and service, Art in Action has established the Judy Sleeth Scholarship Fund to bring this popular to underserved schools. The Fund will provide each selected school with this innovative art history, art creation program, including materials and training.

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the commitment of the school and teachers and parents to make the program successful.

Benefits Received:
• Access to the online grade level curriculum and the Art in Action Program supplements
• All art materials needed to teach 12 complete lessons
• Training for every member of the Art in Action teaching team at your school, either in person or via webinar
• All year teaching support
• Support in the development of a sustainability plan for art at your school

• Only K-8 schools not already using the Art in Action program are eligible to apply
• School must be designated Title I or be able to demonstrate need
• A letter of commitment signed by the applicant and principal to teach the program during the award year

• Names of a teacher, parent or volunteer who will teach in each classroom awarded
• Demonstration that lessons have been taught, including surveys, feedback, and reports
• Feedback must be provided in Nov., Jan. and May, including testimonials and images
• Completion of a mid-term survey in Mar. 2020
• Completion of a final report by May 2020

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