Playtography in a box
I have so many wonderful teaching toys, that I purchased from the USA, and from a retiring teacher, that will help engage a preschool child in learning through play.

Each box, will have a common theme.
The boxes are geared towards children 3 - 5 years of age.

Think of it, as a toy library, that you don't have to store. You rent it for a period of time.
The boxes could be used in a dayhome, in your own home for your childs play and learning, playdates, church group, a clinic, birthday party, a visit to grandma's, or even a small corporation party.

What ages are your children, children in your care, or even grandchildren? *
Each box may include themed books, puzzles, games, toys, fine motor skill activities and dress up costumes. In addition to what is in these boxes, would you like any of the following- *
How often do you think you would use a playtography in a box?
How long of a rental, would you want a box like this?
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Would you prefer a weekly cost rental or a membership?
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What is your favourite brand of green cleaning supplies?
Would you prefer delivery or save money and pick up of a Playtography in a box in Lake Chaparral?
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What community in Calgary or outside of Calgary do you live?
Would you like to learn more, if I go ahead and launch it? If so, please leave your name and email address. Thank you so much for your time and feedback!
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