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Item Availability Notice
In order to make sure that items are sanitized and everything as safe as possible during COVID-19, some hard-to-sanitize items may not be available during this time. We appreciate your understanding and support!
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We have recently started our Library of Things, a collection of short term use items available for checkout. For example: drawing models, Cricut machine, and digital cameras. Would you like more information about this? *
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If you have a unit or topic that you would like to explain in detail to give us a better idea of your needs, please feel free to do so here.
Eckhart Public Library staff selects materials based on patrons’ needs and requests. Eckhart Public Library staff are not responsible for the content of materials that may be offensive or disturbing to individual patrons. Requesting certain materials does not guarantee they will be in the collection. The library may maintain checkout history records to improve library ser- vice. This information is confidential and for library use only. *
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