EC 2020 Rump Session Pub Quiz
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Question 1 (announced during the rump session)
Question 2 (announced during the rump session)
WE have encrypted a message for you: UMWGWOLXBRDAYTVGZPUXAAWSCWVY
Who of the following cryptographers appear in the "I will survive" video you saw (/will see) during the rump session?
How many letters has the longest (English) word that can be obtained by rearranging EUROCRYPT?
Question 6 (Bonus Question, announced during the rump session)
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How was the first conference in the IACR conference series today known as Asiacrypt named?
In which of the following cities did Eurocrypt never take place?
Which message should Bob read? Alice, Eve and Mallory each sent a message. The envelopes are labelled as follows:
At Eurocrypt which year was "How to Break MD5 and Other Hash Functions" by Xiaoyun Wang and Hongbo Yu awarded best paper?
Who of the following has never been a Eurocrypt rump session chair?
Which of the following was never (part of) a title for a Eurocrypt paper:
How many papers at this year’s Eurocrypt have blockchain appear in the title?
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