HPCA (Pumi) and NWGA (Northstar Working Group) 2017 Agility Trial Volunteer Form for Both Trials
2017 NWGA Agility Trial - July, 2017
Location: Soccer Blast - 3601 W. 145th St., Burnsville, MN 55306

In order for your trial entry to be considered for a reserved worker spot, you must either submit the form below or contact Marjana Callery via email - drcallery@comcast.net

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Activity choices below that you are willing to volunteer for: Enter your choice(s) with the buttons below
Ring Steward (reset jump bars, re-adjust tunnels, A-Frame & table)
Chute Straightener (straighten chute in Standard classes)
Leash Runner - (take leash from the start to the finish line)
Scribe Sheet Runner (take the completed scribe sheet from scribe to the score table)
Course Builder (help Chief Course Builder move obstacles between classes)
Gate Steward (make sure dogs and handlers are ready for their run)
Scribe (records the judge's fault signals on a scribe sheet)
Scribe Assistant (assist the scribe and timer)
Timer (manages electronic timing)
Score Table (assist Trial Secretary with recording official scores)
Thursday afternoon equipment set-up (help set up at the show site before the trial)
Sunday afternoon equipment tear-down (help replace equipment at the show site after the trial)
Relief for any of the above
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