Open Movement / JustXChanges
Want to learn more about JustXChanges and 02020? Please follow the survey below... Thank you for attending Open Movement! Come back again!

Open Movement
Tues and Thurs (March) | 12 - 5pm

Open Movement is a recurring event for free use of available theater space during 02020 at Performance Space New York for lo-fi rehearsals and creative cross pollination. There is no reservation necessary. Spaces are located on the 4th floor with elevator access, gender neutral restrooms, and sprung floor equipped with a bluetooth speaker. Space use is shared and interactions are invited.

JustXchanges is an art and exchange economy project that seeks to create networked economies in New York city where participants can meet part of their needs through the exchange of assets and services rather than wage labor.

Theater Dimensions: 65’ wide x 65’ deep, 22’-3” grid height)
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Do you believe that development, identifying space, and locating regular resources are issues for you in NYC? *
Do you believe in the need for alternative economic models? (i.e. exchange, gift-based or other economies) *
Are you interested in being a part of creating new currencies which are designed to assure access to resources over accumulation and profit? *
Would you be interested in participating of an exchange economy to access services or resources (for instance, through a time bank, point system or other method) — within an identified community? *
What services or resources could you provide and would be interested in accessing? (for example: coding, hair braiding, guitar classes, translation from X to Y, surfing lessons, homebrew, text editing, plumbing, web-design, etc.) *
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