2019 Bayou Boogaloo Community Partners: Request for Proposals: Application Part A
The 14th Annual Bayou Boogaloo will be held May 17-19th, 2019. In the fourteen years since its inception, Bayou Boogaloo has grown from a 5,000-person grassroots event into one of New Orleans’ signature festivals with over 35,000 people in attendance each year. As a mission-based organization, Friends of Bayou St. John prioritizes partnerships that produce mutual benefits for all involved parties and constituents and further advances the following Foundation goals:
* Improving the quality of life for Louisiana residents
* Encouraging positive social change
* Promoting Louisiana art, music, and culture
* Promoting recreation
* Encouraging environmental stewardship and beautification
* Encouraging community engagement
* Improving opportunities for children and youth

Due to the growth of the festival and the accompanying increase in the number of organizations interested in partners, Friends of Bayou St. John is now requesting proposals for 2019 Community Partners:
* Part A: ALL organizations (including groups that have existing partnerships from previous years) are required to complete Application Part A (this form).
* Part B: Organizations that are interested in participating in The Bayou Boogaloo’s Entrance Donations Program must also complete Application Part B: https://goo.gl/forms/77FXdLGSZUmFlYCS2
* Part C: Organizations requesting outreach booth space must also complete Application Part C: https://goo.gl/forms/DpojIRNwijT0zu313
* Part D: Organizations requesting permission to raise funds via the Bayou Boogaloo (excluding the Entrance Donations Program) must also complete Application Part D: https://goo.gl/forms/sq4M6SurW3rGJh483

Please email any attachments in pdf format with the subject line “Boogaloo 2019 Community Partners Application.” Do not use font sizes smaller than 12 points or margins smaller than 1 inch. The deadline for all applications is midnight on Wednesday, February 1, 2019. Incomplete or late applications will be disqualified. All attachments and questions should be submitted via email to…

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What would you like to do in partnership with the Bayou Boogaloo (e.g. participate in festival programming, offer services, distribute information at an outreach booth, solicit new members, sell raffle tickets, collect donations, etc.)? *
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Are you interested in participating in The Bayou Boogaloo’s Entrance Donations Program? *
If yes, fill out Application Part B: https://goo.gl/forms/77FXdLGSZUmFlYCS2
Would you like to request a tent, table, or outreach booth space at the festival? *
If yes, fill out Application Part C: https://goo.gl/forms/DpojIRNwijT0zu313
Would you like to charge fees for participation in any activity associated with The Bayou Boogaloo? *
If yes, fill out Application D: https://goo.gl/forms/sq4M6SurW3rGJh483
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