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ACETEL, NOUN is conducting a survey on Cyber Security Awareness and your input will contribute towards providing a safer learning space in NOUN. This survey is strictly for the purpose of research and your responses remain confidential.

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In which case(s) would you open a file attached to an e-mail you receive? *
To which of the following people would you reveal your password if requested to do so? *
Which of the following password would you feel safe to choose as your password? *
Are you aware of any cyber security policy upheld in NOUN? *
Do you know of anyone or any unit in NOUN that you can contact if your system is hacked? *
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It is okay to save my password on a website I frequently visit
Logging into my official email account in a cyber café or any other public place is acceptable
It is harmless to download software, music, video or programs for free without permission
It is important to install and enable firewall on my device
I have very little to lose if a hacker invades my computer
Establishing a Cyber Security culture amongst Staff in NOUN is not so important.
Is anti-virus currently installed, updated and enabled on your device? *
Which of the following is an insidious software that is designed to cause damage on a stand-alone or networked device? *
Which of the following forms of cyber attack occurs when an intruder gains access to someone’s private information and uses it to gain access to that person’s resources? *
Which of the following is the act of sending bogus  e-mails in order to lure users  to websites that resemble the legitimate website
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How often should I change a password?
You're browsing on a random site and a pop-up advertisement comes up. What's the most secure action?
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