Registration for Research Officer/Research Assistant/Research Scholars/Post Doc position in Multimedia University
This form should be filled by any applicant who is seeking for availability of research grants/scholarships to further postgraduate studies in MMU (Masters by Research or PhD by research only).

This form should also be filled if you are seeking for availability of Research Officer (RO), Research Assistant (RA) or Post Doc position in MMU.

Once registered, the applicant will be informed through email whenever there is any vacancy for grant/scholarships/RO/RA/Post Doc position. If interested, the applicant can then apply through the contact person given in the the email for further interview and arrangement.

Position Offered
1. Master by Research (using grant)
2. PhD by Research (using grant)
3. Research Assistant (paid from a grant)
4. Research Officer (paid from a grant)
5. Post Doctorate position (paid from a grant)
Your answer
Your answer
Position Applied
Highest Qualification
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