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Please complete this form if you are interested in participating in programming for ConFusion 2019. If you have any questions, please email
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We require legal names to register for the convention. This information is only shared with Registration and will not be made public.
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Being a panelist means that you are ready to do at least 1 hour of paneling in order to receive the $20 panelist rate. The mass autograph signing and readings do not count toward the panelist rate.
Are you interested in being a Game Master for ConFusion in 2018? *
Being a Game Master means that you are ready to do at least 8 Hours of game running in order to receive the discounted rate
Are you interested in doing a Musical Performance at ConFusion in 2018? *
Only Performances of at least 2 hours (not including Setup/Teardown) count to receive the discounted rate
How many Panels/Games/Performances do you want to do? *
Note above minimums for discounts.
Are you willing to be a moderator for panels?
Moderators are an important part of panels. We encourage you to try moderating, even if you haven't done so before. We can provide information on good moderating skills. Please email if you have questions.
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Would you be interested in doing any panels for KidFusion or TeenFusion? *
KidFusion holds panels for children ages 5-12, TeenFusion holds panels for teens ages 13-18.
Are there any specific panels in which you are interested in participating?
Please describe them here, or use our panel idea submission form, or email
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