Networking on the North Coast
When you think of networking you may think suits, big fees and pressure to bring leads. That is NOT what this is. We are aiming to set up a networking event in the evening time for Microbusinesses (One/Two Man Band), Small and Medium Sized businesses.

Suggested Format
1. Registration and Housekeeping
Register, some quick informal networking followed by introduction and health and safety announcements.

2. Guest Speaker
Speaker talks on their given subject and gives advice valid for all sizes of businesses.

3. Speed Speaking
10-15 minutes where businesses can make 1 minute announcements about upcoming events they are running, announce a project launch that may effect other businesses present, call to collaborate on a particular project or event etc.

4. Relaxed Networking
No strings attached networking, the goal is to meet people, make connections and ideally to generate leads, but there is no punishment or penalty for not being able to provide other businesses guaranteed leads.

Interested? There is a few things we need to clarify and take some details from you

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