Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry Registration
We are an Illinois Emergency Food Program (EFP) agency and are required to register you, like we did pre-coronavirus. ID's are not required here, but are helpful. Pre-registering keeps everyone safe, adheres to CDC Guidelines for social distancing and will make the check-in process faster.

Step 1. Pre-register here. Even if you are currently registered with us, we need you to fill out this form so we can update our database. Please fill out this form ONCE. Do not fill out this form every time you get food.

Step 2. Beginning on August 22nd and every week following...After you park, our registration person in the parking lot will check you in. You will stay in your vehicle with the window cracked open very slightly. You will not be signing your name on the tablet as before. Filling out this form automatically adds you to our database.

Thank you for your help. Please email us at stjohnfood@gmail.com with any questions or call 815.439.2320 and leave a message.
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