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Please note, until this presentation is confirmed by the Youth Central Education Initiative Coordinator by email, it is not considered 100% confirmed. Your request will be processed in 1-2 business days and you will receive a separate email confirming dates and times.

Did you know, Youth Central is a registered charity and all of our operations and programming relies on donations? We offer schools and community groups our presentations because we believe it's important for youth to learn about the impact of giving back to the community and the benefits of volunteering. It costs us on average $260 per presentation. Therefore, we gratefully accept any donation to help offset these costs.
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Presentation about why volunteering can be important to youth, and what Youth Central can offer to youth, and potentially, your school. A personal and interactive presentation which will challenge youth to start thinking about what makes them tick, what they are passionate about and how volunteering can help students with creating their own path to a career and figuring out what is important to them.
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