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Going forward, if you do not wish to have SSL on your site, we won't gather any sort of user input that isn't on a linked site that does use SSL. Any site with SSL has a green lock, and, over these sites, it's okay to send information such as credit card information, passwords, and any sort of user input.

If this input were to be sent without this encryption, it could be caught by hackers, and if it were to be sent with that, it adds an invaluable layer of security that lets a client device talk in an encrypted manner with the hosting server. SSL also boosts Google Rankings as it's more secure.

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If you already have hosting and a domain on the World Wide Web, please let us know. Don't put passwords on this Google Form, please have me either meet up with you, or send the password through a secure method. We can accept anything that can be easily decoded on Linux (base256, etc), physical cards, iMessage, Facebook Secure Messaging, etc..
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